Corporate Finance/ Project Finance

Finance is the lifeline of any business. Irrespective of whether your business is an established one or a startup, for any business to survive and succeed in the current ever changing market scenario, ‘Funding’ is the key criteria. We can assist you in:

  • Conducting a feasibility study of the project
  • Offer advise on the most suitable type of finance for your business model - bank borrowing, equity issue, venture Capital, commercial loans, mortagages, etc
  • Prepare the necessary documentation, including -
    • Feasibility Report,
    • Projected Cash Flow Report
    • Pay-Back Plan and Income Sources
  • Present the proposal to the chosen source of Finance and support during the ‘Negotiation’ stage
  • Post financing, monitor and review the project on your behalf

Due Diligence services

Acquisition of an existing business, though advantageous in some aspects, also involves a high level of risk. Effective due diligence mitigates this risk to a great degree. A due diligence involves a detailed review of the various aspects like–

  • Financial position – Is the actual state of affairs similar to the state reflected in the financial statements of the Compnay?
  • Future business potential – What could be the future market of the goodsServices provided for the entity and how is the entity geared up to handle market shifts?
  • Credibility of the owners and the top management personnel – Especially relevent in the Indian scenario, considering the family run businesses and related party transactions. Will these services available to the entity, post change in the management? How is uninterrrupted service assured?
  • Legal compliance – Has the entity complied with all the relevant statutes till date? In case of any defaults, what would be the consequences and how would that impact the new venture?

Our varied industry understanding and experience helps buyers and sellers to realise the full potential of the transaction.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Do you own an existing business and want to expand through a merger or acquisition? We can support you to ensure your interests are best represented in any subsequent transaction.

We can assist with:

  • Identifying suitable acquisition criteria
  • Short listing suitable candidate companies
  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Performing financial and operational due diligence
  • Preparing the necessary financial projections
  • Developing a negotiating strategy
  • Identifying potential finance sources
  • Preparing and presenting finance applications
  • Assisting with negotiations
  • Assisting with post-acquisition integration

Incase of a disposal of a business, we can help with -

  • Valuation of the assets,
  • Preparing the business for sale,
  • Identifying suitable purchasers and
  • Negotiating the sale
  • Structuring the sale to minimize the tax exposure.

Process Improvement

As the saying goes “Change is the only constant”. With the multi dimensional and continuous changes taking place in the current business scenario, key business process need to be updated to suit the current scenario. Redundant business processes cause man hour loss